Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will you tattoo/pierce someone under 18?

A. Individuals 16 or older can have a parent or legal guardian sign for them. Some restrictions will apply. Parent AND child must have a state or federal issued photo ID (drivers license, non-drivers state ID, military ID, passport) plus the child’s birth certificate. Legal guardians must also provide their guardianship paperwork from the courts.

Q. Can you quote me the price of a tattoo via the phone/email?

A. Unfortunately we cannot quote a tattoo price via the phone or the internet. Tattoos are priced based off of size, detail, and placement. Without having a face to face meeting it is very hard to get the specific details we need to establish a price. The easiest way to get a price estimate is to just come by the shop when we’re open (Noon-Midnight Monday-Saturday and Noon-10pm on Sundays).

Q. What is your touch up policy?

A. We design our tattoos to stand the test of time, but sometimes during the healing process things can happen which effect how the tattoo heals, and this is why we guarantee all tattoos for the first 6 months after you get the tattoo. Touch ups on tattoos can only be performed by the artist you originally received the tattoo from. If the tattoo is older than 6 months and you still want a touch up, price would have to be discussed with the artist you received the tattoo from.

Q. How long after I get a piercing do I have to wait to change out the jewelry?

A. Most piercings are ready to be changed after 4-6 weeks. We can change jewelry for you for $10 per change.

Q. Will you touch up and/or finish work I got started somewhere else?

A. In most cases yes we will, but we will need you to come in and show us what you have for us to give you a fair estimate.

Q. Can you cover up another tattoo I have?

A. We do do cover ups, however in some circumstances it is much easier to cover something up if it has undergone laser treatment. Just like the question before, this is something that is easiest for us to estimate and talk to you about in person.

Q. Should I tip my tattooer or piercer?

A. Tipping is always appreciated just as in any service industry. We find most people ask us how much they should tip and generally speaking 10-20% is the average, but if you are very happy with your experience no one will complain if you tip more.

Q. Can I bring my child(ren) with me when I get tattooed or pierced?

A. No.

Q. Do you take appointments?

A. Yes we take appointments as well as walk ins. Each artist handles their own appointment schedule so you would need to come in and speak with the artist you would like to do your tattoo. If you do not have a specific artist in mind, come in and talk to us, and we can get you set up with someone. Appointments are secured with a non-refundable $20 deposit that comes off the final price of the tattoo. If you need to change the date of your appointment the deposit can be reapplied to the new appointment date. We do not take appointments over the phone because we do need to receive the $20 deposit to secure the appointment.






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